Martes (Tuesday) *10/06/20*

I was in romantic Vienna when I spotted this rich pink satin skirt. It took me a while to decide whether or not I would buy it as I was thinking to myself: "When am I even gonna wear this?" Well apparently, it was the perfect skirt for a normal afternoon in Makati. LOL.

Paired it with an oversized sweater from H & M to make it less formal and reasonable out in the streets of Makati for no real occasion but a tv/radio show that only shows half of my outfit (the upper part -lol). But I wore it anyway, because...why the hell not!?!

Since I bought it more than a year ago in Venice, it's been kept in my closet because I never found a reason to wear it...until of course today.

There's something about dressing up for yourself for the plain reason of making YOURSELF feel truly makes any day better. This was the case for me on this normal Tuesday afternoon.

A formal satin skirt made my normal afternoon routine sparkle a little.

Top: H & M

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Call it Spring

Necklaces: Stoneriverph (IG)

Pics taken by Paul del Rosario (IG: @pjttdr98)

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