Elevated Duster | Monday, 1/4/21 ;)

Went crazy with retail therapy while my boyfriend was in the UK. This is one of the items I bought on Topshop from their collection on sale. #Tafetta fabrick, bright pink, airy - perfect for me!

Although I must say I was teased about having just woken up or being ready to go to bed because of the outfit but I don't care because love this style. Comfortable + stylish (in my opinion) + Dainty ;))

Kicked off the week w a bit of brightness to drown out the thought of another year like 2020.

Be better 2021!

Dress: Topshop UK

Sandals: Zara Earrings - i forget! :P I think Parfois

If you want to see the other items I bought, here's the haul and try on vlog I uploaded yesterday: https://youtu.be/NJt7y8oI61g


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