Biyernes (Friday) *10/15/20* | A flowery dress on a rainy Friday

I am in love with this dress and of all my outfits this week, this is my absolute favorite! It brings me back to the good old days (that I didn't live through lol) when fashion was so elegant. Love dresses like this that seem to belong to a different decade. In fact, I bought two dresses from Zara with this design. It's perfect for days when you feel a little more girly. Despite it being "just-another-day," this definitely made me feel a tad bit more special. Again, yep! Dressing up can definitely make you feel a little brighter! Won't be ashamed to wear this dress over and over again. It's simply too pretty to keep in the closet! :)

Dress: Zara

Necklace: Stoneriver PH

Sandals: Zara

Mask: Pearlypopswimwear

Pics by Paul del Rosario

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